MEET Denise Fleming

Mama, Lover, Author, Founder of Love Me Nutrition and over all badass 

What is your support animal? 

 My  support animal is a white dove- To me, the dove represents beauty, faith, purity, and freedom. That means soaring and setting no limitations for yourself. They transport me back to fun times spent on yachts in the Mediterranean- a reminder that all is possible.  

 Ironically, I also witnessed a vision from heaven, a beautiful, magical dove; it was a spiritual message of wisdom as a reminder that my loved ones who have passed are still with me in spirit. 

 Most transformative moment or decision in your life

 The day I decided not to stay in a place of guilt and shame. Instead, I changed my mindset and chose to be kind to myself and be grateful for all I had, which wasn't much sitting in a prison cell, but it allowed me to feel peace and abundance. This positive transition supported me in carving a path to redemption. Now I'm able to help others who may have given up on themselves.

 What is your alchemy? Describe yourself in 7 words

 Seven words to describe me are: Grateful, Emotional, Loyal, Rebellious, Resilient, Funny (well, at least I think I am), and Affectionate- I'm a lover. My alchemy is the ability to crawl out of a pile of shit and come out smelling like a rose. 

 What is your favorite piece from le Dépôt and why? How does it make you feel?

 Sorry, I can't pick just one. 

 Vintage I.D bracelet "LOVER." 

I'm obsessed with this collection to either wear alone or stack with other bracelets, beads, & cuffs. 

 For the Love of God- It's unique and vintage. A statement bracelet that I'd wear with a simple white T-shirt and denim Levi’s. This piece has an 80's badass Madonna vibe.  

 Go to music/ top 3

 80’s/Frank Sinatra/Rock-n-roll/2-Pac. (4  )

 What do you most look forward to?

Enjoying the moments spending time with my children. Every day, every second of life is a gift.  




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