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Founded in May of 2016, Le Dépôt Doré is a Los Angeles based jewelry company where original, vintage inspired pieces and repurposed vintage finds converge. With sustainability a top priority, rare vintage discoveries are reworked and customized into one of a kind works of art, honoring their individual character and beauty.


The unique aesthetic of Le Dépôt Doré is the product of its founder,  former Dutch model and fashion editor Else Van Zandwijk, who started collecting vintage in French flea markets in the late eighties and nineties. Today, Le Dépôt Doré’s distinctive baubles are sourced from all over the globe, expertly curated with an eye valuing their symbolism, spirituality and charm. Vintage treasures are upcycled in a fresh and modern way, breathing new life into classic and funky pieces. The result is a celebration of individuality, balancing masculinity with femininity, glamour with punk, and delicacy with strength.

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